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                       About Rock Hill Vendor Mixers®

®Welcome Blessed Vendors, Small Business Owners, Organizations

I am the blessed and humble Owner/Publisher of the Rock Hill Vendor Mixers® Networking Publication.   

How RHVM™ began:

In December 2008, I attended a venue at the Allison Creek Preschool Christmas Bazaar, in York, SC.  

Sandi, a Pampered Chef® vendor & other vendors were looking for different venues to attend & sell their products.                                   

After speaking to other vendors, I found out quite a few vendors have just begun to "Network" at these local venues and have not received their notoriety.     

I began thinking, “Hmm? With my NETWORKING SKILLS, I can launch a Networking Publication that would help the Vendor, Small Business Community, as well as, PROFIT/NON-PROFIT Organizations and Agencies get their products and services out into different areas in and around York County, SC.      

Thereafter, Sandi and I decided Rock Hill Vendor Mixers® would definitely be a GREAT beginning for Vendors, Small Business Owners, Agencies and Organizations to Network Together.

How you will benefit from RHVM™ Networking Publication:

Advertising with RHVM, you can "Network" with other Vendors, Small Business Owners, Agencies and Profit/Non-Profit Organizations.  You will have access to MANY DIFFERENT VENUES where you can SELL OR DISPLAY YOUR PRODUCTS & SERVICES.  The advertisement can be a venue, a Bazaar, a Health Fair/Job Fair, a Festival, a Special Event, a Network of new Business Opportunities, or even an Engagement, Birth or an Anniversary.   



RHVM™ is all about "Networking"

For a relatively small monthly fee, you will have your business advertised & distributed around the York County area on a Monthly basis.  That's over 500 LOCATIONS in YORK COUNTY & GROWING!  

Networking with "Perks" 

 Perks are available for EVERYONE to participate.  Purchase a $5.00 Gift Certificate & use it towards ONE MONTH OF ADVERTISING.  Another Perk is FREE Networking & Free Advertising on any of the website where RHVM™ is a member - via Google AdWords®,®,,®,®,®,®,®,®,®,®,®,®,®,, Facebook,,, and more. 

In these difficult economical times, let Rock Hill Vendor Mixers® work for you!

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